EWC Chile


Super Test: (April 17th , 2015)

(35° 25’  29.76” S – 71° 38’ 27.94” W)

Located in the heart of Talca, there will be a Super Test on Friday’s evening. It’s a flat land where there will be a 8 shape course designed for letting the spectators enjoy watching the best riders of the world in action. We expect around 5.000 spectators at the peak of the event.




Enduro Course:


The lenght of the total circuit will be aroud 50 kilometers per lap. It starts from the front of the Plaza Maule Mall (35° 26’00.25” S – 71° 37’ 46.92” W) heading west through 2 Norte avenue and then taking 4 Norte up to the bridge close to the wood where the riders will head up to north through a mix of public gravel road and off road track.


Cross Test :


Turning right, after the bridge, there will be a link of about 17 kms to get to the Time Check , then the Cross test  at Fundo Maitenhuapi (35° 18’ 53.3” S   71° 36’ 38.1” W) There will be a good combination of natural obstacles.


Enduro Test:


After the Cross Test, riders will make a 20 kms link through the native vegetation to the Enduro Test Starting. It will be located in the same Area,

(35° 18’ 53.3” S   71° 36’ 38.1” W).


Extreme Test:


After the Enduro Test, the riders will go across a link on the top of the hills of about 10 kilometers to the start of the extreme test. Close to the Enduro starting allowing race followers to enjoy two specials walking no more than 1 kilometer. In this area, there are Natural obstacles, making the short course very attractive for spectators.


Soil type and Altitude:


The altitude will vary from 80m over the sea level up to 520 m over the sea level in the highest point.  The expected weather conditions are warms days with temperature range between 22°C and 25 °C maximum.

Hopefully early rains get the dust under control


Approximately the 12% of the course will be on pavement to leave and enter to the Mall place. Only one time in each direction. The race will make laps within Maintenhuapi place.


Riders will give 4 laps in Fundo Maintenhuapi. 2 Time checks (one with assistance)